Shield of whatever needed to protect


It’s an elemental shield of protection using your own elemental powers to protect you from any injury the most possible. If for example there’s too much heat it’ll try using water and cold available to prevent damage and balance you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Focus and training within the elements, some understanding of what and how much elemental energy you have.

Casting Directions for ‘Shield of whatever needed to safeguard’

Meditate. Concentrate on the condition of your mind and body. Try to feel what components are being more then you need at the moment and which ones must be empowered- are less then needed. It’s common to have extra of all or the majority of the four basic elements, but if you feel you don’t have enough of some of them, attempt to fix that via food, meditation or other sort of balancing.
After you are done with this part chant an universal mantra including elements in your mala or bracelet or bangle or whatever you use(it may even be chanted without any artifact if you prefer) to balance and empower your elemental powers.
Focus on your elemental presence and chant: Shield of those elements combined and split, use the influence of my own(it may be different, if you don’t believe in separation and individual traits, e.g.-ship or vessel or whatever) energy by those very same elements to protect me from any harm by balancing whatever needed to accomplish harmony and wellbeing in each moment of my existence as it will be.
Repeat often and you’ll be protected. This shield may not give you protection from just anything, but it is going to be of use against elemental injury and especially strong against weather extremes. It ai not extremely good against extreme cold though, but it shall still have some beneficial effects to balance what is needed.

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