Banishing a Negative Spirit (powerful)


This is a spell to banish a negative spirit from yourself.
Notice: all herbal components not required; the more you use, the stronger the spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Allspice aloe bamboo basil bay leaf black pepper sea salt chives 1 mum cinnamon cloves coffee grounds coriander 2 pieces of cotton cloth fennel seeds peppermint lavender lilac morning glory stem nutmeg oregano paprika pine needles rosemary matches or lighter water earth length of black string Length of lavender string note: all ingredients should be dried

Casting Instructions for ‘Banishing a Negative Character (strong)’

Lay out one piece of the cotton fabric flat.
Gather the herbs (and everything else, excluding the morning glory stem) and pile them on the center of the cloth.
Cast a circle and call to the elements for assistance.
Take the morning glory stem and tie it into a knot, visualizing the negative spirit going into the knot.
Put into the heap.
Light the pile on fire, calling specifically on the elements fire and air.
Chant an incantation (recommended you compose your own, so it is personal to you)
Continue the chant until the fire is almost dead.
Sprinkle the ground and water on the pile, calling specifically to the element water and earth.
Call on soul at this point also.

As I am aware that the pile might not have burned so well, you have two options from here:

1. If the pile burned either to ash or shut, take the ash and seal them in a container.
The first chance you get, scatter them.

2. If the pile didn’t burn well, take the second cotton cloth and put whatever remains of the original pile into that.
Gather the edges of the cloth and tie them together using both the lavender and black strings to create a sort of pouch
The first opportunity you get, get rid of it, whether in a bonfire, burying it, etc..

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