Bubble Shield


Bubble Shields are simple to make and can hold up against everyday annoyances. I primarily use them for blocking “normal” humans’ empathetic projections.

You will need the following items for this spell:

your mind

Casting Directions for ‘Bubble Shield’

Bubble Shields are simple to make and can hold up against everyday annoyances. I mostly use them for blocking “normal” people’ empathetic projections. Regulating how solid the shield is dictates how much empathetic info I receive from my surroundings. I have personally had difficulty using them for blocking telepathic information, but bear in mind, my telepathic experiences are extremely limited. Bubble Shields are also useful against humans who subconsciously leach energy from the others. Basically, in those situations, your defense has to only be stronger than the individual’s next to you. The “leach” will generally opt for the easy target and not even bother with you.

I use two methods to make Bubble Shields (though occasionally I do outlandish things merely to spice it up small).

The first is a simple visualization of a shell building from the ground to up, around your body, and finally meeting up over your head. Eggshells and plastic bubbles are typical visualizations.
The second creates the shield from inside the gut, and expands it till it is around the entire body. This is helpful for pushing energy off of you, while the first may trap it inside the shield.

Unfortunately, you can’t just learn the Bubble Shield and be set for life. If you engage in any psychic combat, you’ll realize that your Bubble Shield does not amount to crap. A concentrated attack can go right through or shatter it, depending on the attackers skill and objective. Reconstructing and keeping it during a fight isn’t worth the effort. As stated earlier, the Bubble Shield is extremely basic. It’s terrific for everyday problems, but for more serious occasions, it is wiser to make a better type of shield, than attempting to hold together a small Bubble Shield.

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