Shield of Fire


This is an ancient spell used for protection of any place. It can be carried out quickly and silently. It can and should be practiced before trying in a new or unfamiliar site.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Imagination Patience And Belief

Casting Instructions for ‘Shield of Fire’

To start, stand still, arms at your side. Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing in shallow water and that there’s light beneath the surface of the water. You’re calm, safe and secure. Now, continuing to keep your eyes shut, imagine that you’re raising and extending your right arm and with the index finger of your right hand, you’re pointing to a place approximately three to six feet away from the feet. Next, imagine that you are turning, pointing as you turn, drawing a circle around you on the water.

Don’t physically move,you are moving only on your mind. As you draw the circle, you see a wall of fire rising in the water, encircling you as you turn. It is shielding you. It’s cool where you standthe water is keeping you cool. In your mind, you continue to turn until you have completed the circle and your defense of fire surrounds and protects you.

When you want the shield of fire to depart, only imagine that the light in the water goes dark,the fire will disappear.

If you wish to protect a larger area, imagine that you are pointing and drawing a larger circle. Keep in mind that the bigger the circle, the more psychic energy required. Additionally, remember that the longer you keep up the shield, the more psychic energy will be absorbed. Therefore, this spell can be very draining and must only be used when necessary.


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