Self Thermo Control


For made relaxation on you provided in the hot temperatures region, or even made you being live in some area which has unstably thermo conditions.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Self Thermo Control’

This is very useful only if you has known how the air flowing and the way to create some fresh air by your self. As in naturally the atmosphere was just flown if has two difference temperature from hot into cold ones. So this magic essentially has same versions, if around you was hot you need to be cold and when around you was chilly you must get hot, normally it can easy to make, coz all people has body which can manage the temperature inside your body.
So lets begin: Beginners, I suggest you have to lot practice to get meditations (must maintain room, cant do this outside) and learn how to understand hot and cold by try to touch water (like ice) and fire (can get it from flame that burning a candle).

After you understand the first step you just try meditations in some room like step 1 but turn on the air condition or some fan, wait until the room filled by cold air, filled that air and combined with them. Just turn off the air condition and meditation, as naturally the temperature in your room is starting being warm and after being hot.

If you have success to combined with the air in your room you still being new even if your room getting hot, you can now get first experience to control your body temperature. Practice this again and again till you get expert in this and gets the ability to controlling your temperature in outdoor.

Once you get expert you can practice in outside and try it meditated by open the eyes, so in magically you not can also control the temperature of your body but also the atmosphere that will make your body being fresh even in cold or hot temperature.

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