Self Esteem


This spell uses visualisation, candles, cord and colour, and requires very little effort, though it requires a week to complete. It is a spell that guys can see and feel and can do the results. It works on the self esteem and on virility.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Seven short lengths of cord, about six inches long Seven tea lights Seven little squares of red paper or fabric

Casting Instructions for ‘Self Esteem’

On returning from work, put a tea light on -one square.

Surround the tea light from the strand, placing itto the red square.

As you do so say:

This represents me and all I believe myself to be
I wish to be [powerful, virile, at ease with myself
your choice of words]

Let the tealight burn.

Next morning knot both ends of the cord -stating as you do:

This cable carries my intent to be

[your choice of words]

Carry the cord with you and when you will need to, -remind yourself during the day of your intent.

Repeat the process for seven nights using -the very same words and either the identical intent or-another that feels more appropriate.

Repeat the same process as the first -morning too.

At the end of the seven days either tie the -strings together in 1 loop (end to end) or tie -them so that they form a tassel.

Either way hang them from your mirror where -you can’t fail to see them.

Each morning for about six weeks choose -which affirmation you would like to use daily -and ensure you have acted accordingly.

This charm has a long term effect on your personality.Each time you create the morning affirmation you are-calling on the power of the whole to aid you in being-the sort of person you want to be. Any behaviour-which doesn’t fit that image, soon drops away.

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