Rose Beauty Bath


This spell uses the energies of water and rose to attract beauty. It won’t cause major physical changes such as different eye color or a new nose but it will bring out one’s inner beauty and natural charm. Visualization and positive thoughts are key. Your beauty reflects how you are feeling so remember, no matter what others may say you are beauty and no one can take that from you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Warm water Cheesecloth (a washcloth will suffice as well) Rose petals (preferably dried) Lavender (optional) Rosemary (optional) String or rubber band

Casting Instructions for ‘Rose Beauty Bath’

Chant: Rose of sweet and attractiveness authentic, not just skin deep, let me be lovely too

1. As you run the hot bath water floor yourself. Hold the herbs in your projective (usually dominant) hand and repeat the chant twice, visualizing yourself radiating beauty as their energies mix with yours.

2. Place the herbs in the cloth and tie it up, repeating step one with the satchel.

3. Feel the herb’s energies mixing with yours. Welcome their natural power and attractiveness allowing it to flow up your arm, into your heart, and then flowing throughout your body as you imagine your objective.

4. Place the satchel in the tub and visualize its energies flowing into the water. With this image in mind chant until you feel that the water is prepared.

5. As you get in the water allow its energy to flow into you, keeping the image of your beauty in your mind as you soak. Feel the herbs and the water cleansing you of all negative self-image ideas.

6. Just take the satchel and hold it against your face, rubbing in slow circles as you would a regular wash. Continue to visualize and chant as you do so.

7. When you feel as though you’re finished exit the tub and keep the satchel.

Notes: The fabric used to produce the satchel ought to be light blue or pink as these colors are associated with beauty but this is optional. This can be repeated as many times as you feel necessary, but I would recommend adding more herbs each time. As an additional suggestion drink plenty of water, this will give your skin a healthier glow.

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