Magically Look How You Desire


This spell will cause you to naturally look more like how you need, gradually over 15 days. It has to be carried out on the night of a new moon, preferably at 11:11 PM.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A quiet, comfortable place (recommended: your bedroom) A drawing or picture of what you want to look like Candles (can be fake) A glass of water

Casting Instructions for ‘Magically Look How You Desire’

-Creating a Drawing-

On a complete sheet of plain paper, draw/print an image of who you need to to look like. It may be a character, an edited version of you, anything.

Above or below the drawing, sign your preferred name (whatever youd like people to call you from your name; nickname; middle name; last name).

On the back of the paper, in silver or gold, draw a religious symbol- preferably a pentagram, or your religious symbol mixed with a pentagram (e.g. a pentacross).

-The Spell-

1. Go into your bedroom (or some silent, comfy place) and dim the lights.

2. Place your paper on your mattress, floor or desk neatly, with the emblem side down and the drawing/image side up.

3. Arrange the candles around it based on how many you have (e.g. 1= over the paper; 2= either end/side; 3= Triangle; 4= On all corners; 5= Star).

4. Place the glass of water over the paper and candles.

5. Light the candles- clockwise, if applicable.

6. Chant this aloud:

O God of Light and Goddess of the Sea,

Listen now and hear my plea,

The moon is empty, a chance for a start,

Theres hope and magic in my heart.

I wish to change how I look,

How Id be described in a book.

I find glory in the picture,

That’s how I need to be.

I dont need an instant change,

Or one that would seem very strange.

Instead, when the moon is full,

My transformation will be complete.

Bless this water to give me my gift.

When I drink it, the beginning of action will be swift.

Thank you for listening to me,

Best wishes and blessed be.

That’s my wish, so let it be.

7. Have a drink from your glass. Drink as much as you want, but dont drink more than you feel like.

8. If the candles are real, let them burn out. If theyre not, leave them on until midnight. (If its already after midnight, then leave them on for an hour.)

Bear in mind, you wont just magically change. The procedure will be natural. If youre changing your hair colour, your pigmentation will change- that means instead of the hair you already have changing, your hair will start growing a different color.

–Side effects:

-Aches (if changing body shape)

-Hair pigmentation changing colors (when changing hair color)

-Eye pigmentation changing colors (if changing eye color)

-An accidental loss of some of your hair, or a change in hair type/texture (if changing hairstyle)

-Feeling tired or vibration

You may see results on the upcoming full moon. When you have any questions, contact me via SoM mail. Be sure to contact me to let me know if you tried it, what you did and if it worked.

Blessed be!

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