Real Ki Training


You shall learn the basics of ki

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Actual Ki Training’

Grounding:This is where it starts grounding is used to protect your self the way you do this is by sitting down clearing your mind and then closing your eyes and imagining roots the colour of gold or white or red starting from the base of your back wrap round your legs and toes then digging themselves into the ground and building around the earths core do that for a couple of minutes probably 5 minutes. While performing That keep telling yourself that You’re grounding I am grounding
Ki ball: This is done by putting your hands together not touching each other and then imagining white energy beginning in your solar plexus travelling through your arms and then coming out of your hands and keep adding energy until it seems quite hot between your palms.
Mana ball: This is made by putting your hands like your going to make a Ki ball but instead of using your own energy you use energy that is around you envision white beams of energy coming in from every where and slowly building up into a ball into your hands
Ki punch: A Ki punch is made by creating a Ki ball on your hand or a mana ball then making a fist In the hand you are making the ki and imagine your hand luminous what ever color your Ki is then envision it like its a fire surrounding your hand That Is not hurting you to actually use it only look at your opponent and tell yourself that your gonna hit the area behind them and after you contact your opponent let out a shockwave of Ki
Ki Kick: although the same as a Ki punch but replace hand

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