Ki Training 2


This contains the ki techniques required to get a Ki warrior or a Telekinesis practitioner.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Ki Training 2’

Advanced Ki Blast:
Stand at a wide-stance position with your hands cupped by your cool about 5 feet from your opponent. Power up using the ki flame approach. Push the energy in the fire around to your palms. All of the energy from your ki flame should try to get pushed into your palms. The purposes of having it IN your hands instead of involving your hands like a ki ball, is so that you can control the blast. Create a mana ball between your hands. Then create a ki ball so that you have a mana ball inside a ki ball. Utilize the power from the ki fire in your hands to merge the power of the ball with your hands. Once more, focus on your ki radiating inside of you, ready to explode with its authentic force. Thrust your palms foward at a double open-handed strike and shoot the blast. Note: This is how I perform an advanced ki blast. Play around a bit and try to make your own.
Jing Blast:
Go setup for a regular ki blast. Put your hands to your side and create a ki ball between them as you normaly would. Following the ki ball is made, start to picture the ki hardening to a solid object. I imagine it hardening into a rock. When in your mind it resembles a rock in between your hands, Thrust out like you normaly would. After the stone is released, visualize the flow of ki pushing it as a Pole or peice of two by four. I visualize a huge telephone pole shooting and emerging at the opponent. Ram the pole directly through the opponent. This will give a visible effect of this harm. It might cause a reddish mark or something the first few times you try it. Practice it on a friend first. But make sure that he has propper gear on. I did this to a buddy of mine before when he wasnt wearing any equipment. He bent down and acted like he had just been punched real hard in the gut. When he recovered he remarked that it felt like a telephone pole was rammed through him.
Multiple Ki Balls:
Draw both hands back so that your right hand is next to your right ribcage(loading), and vice-versa. Create a ki ball in each hand. Thrust 1 hand foward and start the ki ball at the opponent. As you draw it back, do the same thing with another hand. While one hand is loading, quickly charge it back up with ki and make another ki ball. The thing is to have the ability to rapidly create ki balls in case of emergency. But you need to remember that the more ki balls you burst, the more energy you use, so the poorer the balls become.
Ki Matoshi(disk):
Put one hand up and create a mana ball. Have it hover about 4 inches above your hand. Now, there’s a red orb of energy found in the middle of your palm called the palm chakra. Open it by visualizing it filling with light and beggining to spin quickly. Once opened, it is going to spin at about 600 times per second. Create a link from your hand to you mana ball. The spinning of the chakra will naturaly make the mana ball twist. Use your will power to flatten out the ball into a disk. You should now have an energy disk spinning at about 500 times per second. Through it at some thing about feet off and watch what happens. If it was strong enough, a slash should have been created. Repeat this technique untill you are able to cut through trees and fence with it.
Genki Dahma:
More advanced version of a mana ball. Lift both hands into the air. Now enter a standing mediation. Bring mana from all around you. Have it collect over your hands. Keep drawing untill you’ve got a mass of mana over your hands. Now use your will power to compact it and form it into a ball. Let the energy ball rest about 1 foot above your hands. Keep drawing mana to it untill it’s sufficient energy needed to perform its task. Power up(any kind) so you can keep control of it. Focus on your opponent and throw your hands foward. Launch the Genki Dahma throughout the competition and have it explode about a foot behind the opponent.
Spirit up:
Get in a ready stance. Start drawing in energy. Allow the ki fill you up. In your mind picture your body as empty and the ki coming and filling it up. After about a moment you should feel warm inside. This means that you’re succesfull. This allows the ki to flow easier and make energy easier to control.
Burning Knuckle:
Stand on your fighting position. Draw the hand that you’re going to strike with back. Now perform a ki flame power up. Force ALL the power in the fire into your hands. Allow the flame expand a little and engulf your whole hand. In your mind it should look like your hand is on fire. Concentrate behind your opponent and attack. Once contact is made, allow the flame go as a burst. Turn your knuckle a bit. Even after youve made contact, still try to accomplish the atmosphere behind the opponent.
Big Bang(for lack of any actual name):
Note that this is a finishing attack and is intended for when your opponent is wounded. It wont ruin them in most cases, but it is going to end the battle. Stand in a straight-back stance with the opponent about two feet away from you. Have the opponent to the side of you. Look in the direction of the opponent and extend the arm on that side. Have the palm facing towards him. Create a block in your wrist that will not permit ki in your hand. Create another in the shoulder which allows ki in, but not out. Start letting ki flow into your arm and try to attain your hand. Make it keep pushing the block. The more ki, the stronger the drive. Fill your arm with ki as much as possible. This builds up the pressure pushing against the block. When you just cant hold in any more, quickly remove the block. This will have the effect of a pressure nozzle. The ki will come racing out at an enormous speed. It’ll be too much for you to control, so dont even try, just let it come out. This will bewind the opponent and he will no longer have the strength or endurance to continue fighting you.
Sudden Impact:
This is a technique I invented in the one below. Create a genki dahma and throw it in the opponent. Instead of having the dahma go through the opponent, have it stay inside of him/her. Once the mine is placed in the competitions body, charge your fist with a burning knuckle. Perform a ki punch and make contact directly on the area where the mine is placed. Send the ki in your fist out as a shockwave immediately. About a decisecond after effect, the shockwave will detonate the mine, causing the effect your punch was just like a nuce to the person. Inside and out.

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