To Gather Old Magick Ritual


To reclaim the old and anicent magick of the lost worlds

You will need the following items for this spell:

Dried Sage Sandlewood and lavender incense A handful of dead leaves Three white candles An object A sword White chalk

Casting Instructions for ‘To Collect Old Magick Ritual’

Time: Full moon, the witching hour,
Burn your incenses. Next take your sword and cast your circle, next call the spirits of the Four Corner. Now inside the circle a pentacle with an eye in it centre. Next place the object that will contain your electricity over the eye. Next place the 3 candles over the pentacle in a triangle formation.Next take the sage light it and circle it in clockwise over the object while chanting:
By heaven light,
The night is come inside by power,
Let this force come the ground,
May this force be never jumped,
Next light the candles from North to East into West.Now focus All your into your object, then take your dead leaves them over your altar, and recite:
I conjure thee. I conjure thee a magical seed. As i plant this seed in the ground. May all force of magic gather around. For this I rekindle my magic flame, with this force may nature never be the same. I stand here tonight to collect what was lost. For without this gift my world will turn for the worst. Bring to me what’s mine. Let it come within the hour of time. I conjure thee from the deep of the shadow world. Hear and follow my words,Ekodon Lotdayo, Ekodon Lotdayo, Ekodon Lotdayo, Ekodon Lotdayo, Ekodon Lotdayo, Ekodon Lotdayo,I conjure thee, I conjure thee, I allow you entery into the mortal world, Follow me hear my words,Ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo, ekodon latdayo, Ekodon lotdayo
Place both hands over your object and recite:Shadows of the night, Ones that hide from mild,Fill me with your power, As I call forth it within this hour. Shadows I beg of you, Bring me your historical power, Lend me your gifts. So that I may cause a shift. A shift in Nature, to brighten the long run. I ask of your gifts to be in my blood. Let it be done under the full moon, I conjure thee. Powers of the shadows come to me,
Take both of your hands and raise them towards the moon and say:
Ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo, Ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo, ekodon lotdayo.From this power allow it to be mine. As I seal this spell over the hour of time,
By the goddess the power is bound to me
Remember keep your thing safe and dont let anyone touch it or your energy is going to be a waste.

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