Purify and Shield a Room


This spell is a simple way to purify a room of negativity and protect any people inside.

You will need the following items for this spell:

~4 or more pennies (I prefer to use ones with my year old since I feel a special connection to them, but any year is fine) ~5 candles to represent the elements ~a small amount of powdered lemon rind (optional) ~your voice ~concentration

Casting Directions for ‘Purify and Shield a Room’

This is a spell. Nothing can really go wrong besides it not working. But, I have a casual approach to charms, and in most of my spells you’ll see they do not have any specific chant. You should go with whatever feels right. Remember to listen to your own feelings, and the charm should function.

1. Put 1 cent in each of the four corners of the room. In case you have an irregularly shaped room, just make sure you put one penny on both sides of all entrances to the room. (Don’t forget windows!)
2. Cast a circle with the five candles as you normally would. Since I prefer to choose my own words, remember to be respectful and thankful and list one way each element you summon helps you, then politely request aid. Air should be the first to join the circle and the last to leave it.
3. Explain that you need help protecting this room. If you prefer, this is the time when you might sprinkle powdered lemon rind around the ring for clarity, to help you determine exactly what you will need to purify the space from and protect against.
4. Dismiss the elements in precisely the exact same manner you summoned them, respectfully and gratefully. The area should now be cleansed of all negativity, and can now be utilized as a protective shell of sorts for whomever often occupies the room.

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