Shield Of Valor


This spell makes you stronger against enemies and all psychic attacks.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Black candle 1 White candle 1 Red candle (for fast, aggressive action)

Casting Instructions for ‘Shield Of Valor’

This is a spell which you can throw to make a shield of protection for yourself.
Light the candles and remove all worry out of your mind. Relax and picture yourself at peace. This spell must be repeated until you can feel it. It differs for everyone, some people today need 5 times others need 9. However feel free to keep it up and repeat it as many times as required.
“Keep me safe from the ones that harm. Protect me while I use my charms or even when I don’t.
Guard me in a sheild of steel, rock, diamond, snakes, and fire. Utilize this wall to defeat any and all malignant intentions towards me. My shield is flawless, solid, accurate, and indestructible.
My eternal force will let nothing against my will or entity through. My shield has multiple layers which are powerful and strong.
This allows me to not drop my guard.
I call upon all powers and deities that be,
Protect me from all harm and cloak me from my enemies.
Allow the darkness to wrap in black. Those who attempt to cause me injury will get a surprise when they attack.
Repel all unwanted forces that are not mine.
Shield me for all eternity and until the end of time.
Educate my enemies their survival means to flee.
This is my will, so It WILL BE. I’m safe.”

-Inspried from a protection spell (Incompressible Shield of Valiance) by Danielle82 revised to suit my needs more efficiently. Thank you Danielle for your excellent spell donation. –


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