Living Shield Spell


A shield using your component in the kind of an energy leach to guard you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Knowledge of your element
Your Third Eye
A representation of earth.

Casting Directions for ‘Living Shield Spell’

First enter into chakra meditation and make sure that you are properly grounded. This is a excellent first step for any spell. Take the representation of your element,( a rock for earth, lit candle for fire, glass of water for water, air shouldnt need a agent since it surrounds us all), and put it infront of you, within a small circle. Enter a state of greater consciousness so you can feel the energy of the item being used. Reach out with your delicate body and pull the energy of the item out and form a large ball. Then, together with your crown chakras energy, reach out and create a bridge, through which you will instruct your idea form. Finally, press it your directions. Tell it to guard you both, and offer to let it borrow your energy to do so. At this time, you can offer any additional instructions you desire, but remember two things; one, its a brand new life. It knows very little, so keep it simple. Two, it can’t go far from you without dying. When you’re finished, it will attach itself to your subtle body. This protector can intercept some negative magic, block access to a body by spirits, and is just visible to the third eye. Be prepared to explain the odd growth in your delicate body to other witches. As a warning, do not attempt this with the wrong element. They will be unpredictable. So as to dismiss the protector, you may either reform the bridge with your crown chakra and bid it farewell, or, if youve disobeyed my warning and obtained an unruly thought form, pull the creature into you and absorb the energy.

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