Mini Protection Vial


This is an all round protection spell, but it can be modified with intent to specific situations. It may be applied to an entire household, another individual, or yourself.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A tiny vial with a cork
Sea salt
Black pepper / peppercorns
Onion powder
Crumbled bay leaves
2 tealights (optional)
A taglock (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Mini Protection Vial’

Prep for spellwork in any way you wish or normally do.

If you would like, cleanse the vial, but it isn’t necessary.

If you are using the candles, light them now.

Layer equal quantities of each ingredient in the vial, in the following sequence: sea salt, black pepper / peppercorns, cinnamon, onion powder, crumbled bay leaves, basil, rosemary.

As you add each ingredient, focus on your intent, and what you wish the herb to perform for you. Do what you can to feel the energy of every plant. Don’t hesitate to channel your own energy into the herbs to amplify them, continuing to focus on your desire to be secure.

If you wish to be protected from a particular scenario / person / etc., keep that in mind while you are channelling.

Out loud, or on mind, request the assistance of the herb’s power to keep you protected.

If you’re doing the spell to get a house, specify that you would like the entire area protected. If you’re doing this spell for a friend, specify them by name and request the energies be directed toward them.

If you would like to use a taglock (either for yourself or for a friend), place it in the vial at the end, after all of the other ingredients have been layered.

Close the vial.

If you used the candles, then wait till enough wax has melted and pooled, and dip the cork / top of the vial into the wax, to seal it.

Carry it on your person when you would like to feel its energies upon you.

If the spell is for a household, keep it in a central room if you can; otherwise, anywhere the vial will be kept safely is fine. If you’re performing this spell for a friend, give the vial to them if you can.

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