No more Nightmares


A complex spell that will forever cleanse you of bad spirits, and/or nightmares.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Mortar and Pestle
1 Mirror
Ceremonial Chalice or a Cup will do
A spoon
(optional) A Plate to maintain your grapes
3 Grapes (helps to have them pealed)
Salt (any kind)

Casting Directions for ‘No more Nightmares’

Find a quiet place indoors with a desk, counter, dresser or any waist high flat surface. – Put up your mirror against the wall. – Put your Mortar and Pestle side my side next to your grapes (can be placed in a plate). – Pore the water into your cup/chalice and place it down on the others side of your grapes. Spell Instructions: – Stand in front of the mirror. – While looking at yourself in the mirror chant:

After a forger of slumber, may break fall once more.

– Drop one grape in your Mortar. – Use the pestle to crush it as best you can, try to make it as mushy as you possibly can. – Again, while looking up at yourself in the mirror chant:

Restless night, merciless dream, might it be gone.

– Repeat steps 3 and 4. – Following crushing chant the following looking into the mirror:

After a nightmare of slumber, never to steal thy pleasantry of night. Flow because it will, a placid night.

– Repeat steps 3 and 4. – If all 3 grapes are almost are liquid use your spoon to assist pore the smashed grapes into your cup. – Look away from the mirror and chant:

This to capture, to obtain, any nightmares left to go.

– Stir the water and grapes together with your spoon and drink it all. – Now without looking into the mirror clean the area of your materials but for the salt. – Come back and still without looking lay down the mirror flat so the reflective side is facing downward on the surface. – Sprinkle the salt onto the back of the mirror in the form of a pentagram. – Leave the mirror there for 3 times as you’d 3 grapes, cleansing it of your nightmares.

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