Protection Spell


A simple protectiion spell that can be done anytime and anywhere.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Yourself Energy Concentration Ability to create a Psi-Ball Ability to program a Psi-Ball

Casting Directions for ‘Protection Spell’

First what you want to do is make sure you have enough energy to create a Psi-ball large enough for what you need to protect. If you dont know how to obtain energy you can find out by reading many articles on this site. After, you’ve gained enough energy begin making your psi-ball.

Make sure it is large enough to match the item or person, but dont try to make it equal in size, just make it as big as you think it needs to be. It can be the size of a baseball, and the obejct might be a bowling ball, but so long as there is sufficient energy it will work. Once you have made the Psi-Ball,now you can program it.

Program it to safeguard, and programming it can be achieved in a number of ways. As soon as you’ve programmed it, throw or throw it in the individual or object you would like to protect, if they or it isn’t around you imagine the Psi-ball going to their location and them recieving it. When the Psi-ball has attained them, envision it shifting from a ball into a shield and engulfing them in pure clean energy. Then imagine it growing solid and protecting that thing or person out of evil.

To personalize this charm, you can use some of their energy or envision the Psi-Ball bonding with their energy and then forming a defense. I have done this plenty of times, and it doesn’t seem to constantly drain energy from the creator or the host. It seems to sustain its on source of energy, but I still give it more just in case something happens. If you have any problems casting it, or it doesn’t work, let me know andI will see if I can help.

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