Psi Ball


Detailed instructions on how best to make a psi ball.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Source of energy (Ex. Sun, earth, light, etc..)

Casting Directions for ‘Psi Ball’

1) Meditate first. It helps with making the psi ball. Also, do a cleansing the aura spell before it. You must do the cleansing air spell at least once each week if you will make this psi ball.

2) Collect your own energy. Simply close your eyes, and hold or stand on or touch your energy source. I typically collect my energy source from the earth, so I just stand on the floor. Visualize the energy flowing into you to wherever your touching your origin.

3) Cup your hands like you’re holding a ball.

4) Visualise that there is a hole in each hand, and energy is coming from it and forming a ball. If you do it successfully, you should either feel heat or cold (depending if it’s an ice chunk, water ball, fire ball, light ball, etc.) and/or you need to feel tingling in your palms.

5) Program it! You want your energy ball to do something, right? Tell it what you want it to do. Ex. Give someone a message, etc..

7) After you plan it, throw it like you would with a physical ball. Then that will send the ball to your destination you programmed it to go to.

Note: Psi balls may also be used for protection. You could make a fire psi ball and throw it at someone, or you could make your psi ball so large it can build a shield around you or another individual. This very advanced, so this is only going to work if you have a whole lot of experience in creating psi balls.

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