Making Psi Balls


This teaches you how you can turn your psi ball to the different elements.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your mind The component your desire your psi ball to be eg a candle for fire air conditioning for air.

Casting Instructions for ‘Making Psi Balls’

So You Think Youve Mastered Psi Balls?
This article isnt meant to tell you what to do… its here to try and stimulate thought! So think and be creative!
So it’s possible to make a psi ball. Now what? It may have seemed cool at first… but now its just become a boring and useless skill. Bummer. But wait… there is hope! Psi balls are made of the most usable substance – Energy! Big deal, right? What can energy do? Well lets just try to think of some cool ideas and exercises…
The first thing that pops into my mind is the notion of shapes. Psi balls… so limiting… lets change it to Psi Constructs! Who needs a ball of psi? I’d like cubes, pyramids, diamonds, and flat objects – not just balls. We can think of thousands of shapes… hearts, footballs, cylinders, seats, bottles, sofas… the list can go on and on.
Alright, you have your favorite shape in your mind… so how to create it? Two ways come to the top of my head… One – The same way youve been producing your balls of psi. Taking the form of a cube. Or we can just imagine energy as little cubes, that come together to build one big cube – rather like legos. Or perhaps visualize the energy flowing across the edges like a waterfall, then going back to the surface through the center.
Another technique might be to make a psi ball the way you normally do… then mould it
Different visualizations can produce various types of psi balls and distinct effects the psi balls have on other objects. One of my favourite things to do is to make a psi ball, visualizing it as a ball of fire. Check out the image to the right to get an idea of what I visualize. While that might result in a hot psi ball, imagining a flame colored blue or a tornado of snow might produce a cold one. Have fun with this – these are merely a few examples!

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