Magik 101: Basics


This is to teach the basics of magik, beginning with how to channel the magik that’s contained within someone.

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Casting Directions for ‘Magik 101: Principles’

Hello, and welcome to Magik 101. Now, before we begin learning the basics, we must first understand: What’s Magik? Magik is an energy which goes by many names, but to us it is referred to as magik.It is something that is within all things, and is very powerful when used properly. The nearest thing that films have put out that’s like magik, is the force (from star wars) in the way that it surrounds us, binds us, and is within us.
Now that we have an understanding of magik, try to envision magik flowing from deep inside your soul, and imagine it flowing through your chest up your arms, and into your palms. If performed correctly, your palms will be tingly, heavy-feeling, or numb. That is how you channel your magik. Eventually it’s possible to skip some steps, but for now, that’s how you do it. From there you can just about execute any type of magik.
Next up is channeling your magik as a ball. First, channel your magik in your fingers. Then, cup your hands like your holding a beach ball, and channel your energy into the space between your hands, imagining that you are holding a ball between them. Then, you should throw the energy ball at something. Nothing will happen. The cause of this is that you are simply throwing magically charged air, which does nothing. It’s essentially just air with your magik in it. What you have to do, is practice this until you get a visual manifestation.
A visual manifestation is when you have become powerful enough to really see the magik. I have not achieved this yet, so I can’t say for myself that it is simple, but what I do know is that when you have achieved a visual manifestation, it is going to permit you to do things that you never even thought you could do. A good way to have a visual manifestation is by practicing elemental magik, However I won’t be speaking about elemental magik within this lesson. Thank you for your time, and I’ll see you at the next lesson.

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