Exorcism- The Basics


An exorcism refers to the forceful removal of a foreign body or spirit from an individual. They can be divided into 3 as follows.

Self- Exorcism

Here, the possessed individual is still conscious and is focused intensely on memories, emotions or thoughts varying from those of the possessor. As a result, the possessor’s strength is weakened by the individual’s personal strength. People such as mediums, pagans and witches have extreme knowledge of emotional control, concentration and also meditation. Therefore, they are in the best suited for self-exorcism.


Here, the possessed individual is rescued when a beneficial spirit dislodges the previous possessor freeing the individual permanently. The beneficial spirit releases the victim thereafter thus freeing his/her possession from any spirit, beneficial or otherwise. Angels, pets and benevolent spirits mostly play this role.


It is by far the most powerful form of exorcism where a third party can employ the use of a ritual or spell to remove the possessor from the victim. Of course, if the victim has enough self-control, he/she can perform the exorcism through magic sufficiently.

What Are The General Principles Of Exorcism

As mentioned, exorcisms can be performed in various ways depending on the type of possession. However, there are some rules that must be followed regardless of the case in question.

  • Always address the possessor with a binding, mandatory and authoritative tone to weaken the hold on the victim.
  • Anybody present during the exorcism should be thoroughly protected to prevent possession transference. The protection can be covered using spells, magic circles, talismans and much more. Minors or mentally unstable individuals are advised not to attend the ritual.
  • Unless the possessor flees voluntarily, there should always be a way to banish the spirit before the exorcism ritual begins. Here, you can use a banishment incantation, a sage smudging or any other beneficial technique for the purpose.

Note that, it’s advisable for exorcisms to be performed by people with a strong spiritual belief or those with strong magic because otherwise it wouldn’t work. A local preacher or witch can do it without any fail.

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