The Circle – Exorcism Spell


This type of exorcism is suitable for covens that are able to quickly gather several witches. With this method, instead of relying on an incantation or formula that exploits the evil spirit’s weaknesses, the circle, draws in the raw magickal power of the witches.

Usually, all you need is for the witches to stand in the circle around the possessed person. The witches hold each other’s hands and repeat an incantation ordering the victim’s release from the demon. This will send important positive and powerful healing energy into the possessed victim.

It should only be a few minutes before the pressure of the positive energy, as it flows into the circle, will crack most demons. This will force the demon to leave. All you need to do is banish the spirit, which may have already fled.

Imprisonment – Exorcism Spell

This method will not only expel the malevolent spirit from the victim’s body, it will also transfer the spirit to an inanimate object so that it can be trapped.

First, you need to have as much information as possible about the spirit. This includes the sprit’s name and purpose. You need to know if the spirit has special powers and if it’s related to one of the four elements of nature, more than the others.

This information will be used to write an incantation to expel the demon, by taking advantage of the demon’s weaknesses. In addition to the incantation, you will need an object to contain the demon, like a small stone. You will also need a sheet of paper to write the demon’s name.

If you don’t know the demon’s name you can use a symbol or design to represent the demon. This paper will be burned during the ritual, using a candle dedicated for this purpose.

The imprisonment ritual is as follows:

Recite the incantation, while setting fire to the paper where the demon’s name or symbol is written.
Drop the object, chosen for the demon’s ‘prison’ onto the embers. This will allow the object to absorb the spirit.
Pour candle wax on the object to seal it.
After the spirit is trapped, you can symbolically destroy the object by throwing it into a consecrated fire.
A fire can be consecrated by sprinkling salt into the flames while blessing them.

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