The Spell To Dream of Ones Soulmate


If you are ready to find your true soulmate, by performing this spell he or she will be revealed to you in a dream. It is important to perform this spell right before bed.

Three Raisins
Three almonds
A squared piece of red cloth that will fit the raisins and almonds.
EIther milk or almond milk.
A red candle

You can now cast your circle and light your candle. Gaze into the candles falma une a peaceful and meditative feeling comes over you.

The raisins and almonds should be held in your hand, visualize meeting your true soulmate. Do not focus on the person, but on how you feel once you are together. Will there be a sense of safety and security? WIll you be overwhelmed with excitement? Will you be happy and full of laughter? Maybe you will feel everything that was mentioned above. This feeling should be held in your heart as you chant the following:

“Angels of love, spirits of union
This night bring to me a vision,
Allow that through my dream I may see,
When the time is right, my soul mate
So mote be it.”

The raisins and almonds can now be placed in the red cloth, the cloth should then be folded over them. The candle can be blown out and the circle closed.

With a teaspoon of honey, drink the milk, warmed if you prefer. Right before you go to sleep, the red cloth with the raisins and almonds must be placed under your pillow, your intention must be to dream of your soulmate.

You will see him or her in your dreams.

Note: If is is difficult for you to recall your dreams, a week or more prior to performing this spell, you may want to practice dream recall. To do this, a journal must be kept next to your bed. The moment you wake up, lay very still and try to remember your dreams, as soon as you remember them all, write them down. As you practice, it will become easier to recall more and more of them.

Wish for you the sweetest of dreams!

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10 thoughts on “The Spell To Dream of Ones Soulmate”

  1. I always want to do a spell, but I do not know how to Cast a Circle….would you help me on that….maybe with a picture
    Thank you…..
    My name is Dolores…but I use my short name all the time…Lolly

    • Merry Meet,

      There are many ways to cast a circle depending on your intent. Search our site for Casting a Circle or Circle Casting and you will find may examples and articles. I would also search for one that uses red candles.

      Love and Light

  2. What do u need salt and white candle.all.around u will it make more powerful spell and when do u meet my soulmate and work ? I tried alot of spells . I am.ready partner and I am ready go feel.more for a man that I never felt before. I ready for.My soulmate and I been waitting to long

  3. Hi, I did this and I had a vision almost right away and it didn’t last the whole night. But the vision felt like I was watching tv more than dreaming. I definitely wasn’t awake but I also wasn’t asleep either. It felt like a trance. Is this normal

  4. What happens if you are an able to light a candle. I live in a dorm and lighting the candle will set the alarm off. Will envisioning the flame help or using a candle warmer work as a substitute to lighting a candle. Or any substitutions for lighting the candle part? Thank you!

  5. Hopefully someone reads this and is able to answer!

    I did this exact ritual when I was 17. 5 minutes later after the ritual was done, I had this vision of this guy who had black hair to the side, pale skin, brown eyes, white teeth, and little to no facial hair. He was smiling in the vision. I also felt a very strong pull to him. It felt magnetic.

    Can someone explain what this means? I still don’t know the meaning of it.



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