Divination Candle Prayer Magick


Candle prayer magick happens to be the most effective and easiest forms of magick. All you have to have is a candle, simply casting yourself a protective space or circle, bringing yourself into a meditative state while envisioning your desires coming true. Once you end up with a clear image in your mind, you light the candle. Once the candle begins burning, energy is released to call your desire towards you.

It has been said that you can tell just how quickly your desire is going to come to you by the manner in which the candle burns:

If your candle puts out black smoke when it is first lit, it is taking away negative energies from your desire, helping you to manifest it a lot faster.

If the candle puts out white smoke when first lit, your desire will come true, however there can be some struggle or delay before it happens.

If the candle flame is weak, the candle is trying hard to remove obstacles that could be in the way of your heart’s desire. It may take time as there could be some heavy opposition that is against you and you may have to have a lot of patience.

If smoke blows in your general direction, prayers are being acknowledged and it will be easily granted.

If smoke blows away from you, there will still need to be a great deal of perseverance for you to have your desires come true.

Smoke blowing to the right means that you will have success if you are able to use your intellect to reach your desire.

Smoke blowing to the left means that you are being warned that you are getting too emotionally involved in the desire, potentially preventing you from it coming true.

If you hear a sort of crackling sound while the candle is being burnt, Spirit is working against some sort of opposition on your behalf.

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