Programming Psi Energy


The Way to program psi Power to do Things

You will need the following items for this spell:

Mind Time

Casting Instructions for ‘Programming Psi Energy’

Ok, there are about three different easy ways you can tell that energy you’re gathering to do what you need, they’re visually, tactually, and conceptually, but dont let the words frighten.
Visual Programming is achieved by telling the energy what to do by using a picture. Some of you may recall these pictures. Well, they’re there to give you something to visualize while you collect the energy.
To program visually, as you collect the energy, picture a ball in your thoughts. Pushing the psi outwards, think of the ball, and then as you complete, the psi should be shaped into a ball. Easy, huh? Those of you who have already made a psi-ball may want to picture a ball of fire to get a sexy psi-ball.
Tactile Programming is done by telling the power how to be by using a feel.
To program tactually, as you collect the energy, focus on how it feels. Visualize how you want it to feel. As you ship the psi out of your hands, remember the feeling you’re trying to create. For example, in developing a sexy psi-ball, recall a time you felt very hot, and concentrate on that sexy feeling as the energy accumulates.
Conceptual Programming is achieved by telling the energy what to do without a picture, or feeling or words.
I am aware that first statement may have scared some people off a bit, but it’s simpler than it sounds. In one of the first psychic books I read, there was a visualization exercise. First, see what you are trying to create. If you cannot do that, get the feel of it. If you cannot do so, just know that it’s there. This can help with some of the trickier programmed constructs.
To program conceptually, once you are forming your build of energy, get a clear goal of what you want it to do. When you ship the psi out, think of things associated with what you would like to do. To get a hot psi-ball, think of things you associate with the word hot (ex. desert, fire, stove, ect.) , and inform the energy to be like this.
A friend, while composing this told me that he always had difficulty thinking of the colour green, and to program his constructs using a green color, he always had to think of a jungle; this is a prime example of conceptual programming. By thinking of the jungle, his sub-conscious picks up on the colour green, and programs the construct with the green shade.
Decide what you want to accomplish: in this case a cold psi-cube
Decide on a method of visualization (multiple, if you can keep track of it)
Gather psi
Think of it as a block with things that you associate with a block (conceptual), or see it forming into a block (visual), or texture the sides of a cube (tactile).
Think at it the idea of being cold and things you think about when you hear the term cold (conceptual), or see it being icy/snowy (visual), or think at it the feeling of being cold.
Create your construct
In conclusion, you should now realize that programming is exactly what you do to make your constructs do what you need (ie. cool stuff). Becoming good at programming can allow cool-looking, cool-feeling, and useful constructs. Many times people underestimate the psi-ball, but with psi you can do lots of things.

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