Telepathic Location Spell


This spell is extremely useful, it helps you find things you cant find through telepathy. It is a spell I made, and have used many times with uncanny precision.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A lost item Experience with chi (I will elaborate in the instructions) calm mind

Casting Directions for ‘Telepathic Location Spell’

This is a telepathic spell. If your thinking right now: “Oh no I’m not telepathic… I guess I can not use this then”, your wrong. If your not naturally telepathic (which if you’re you really wouldn’t need to read this anyway) you can still learn to use the powers of telepathy and it’s not too difficult, you just need the ideal instructions. To use the telepathic abilities that you have locked away inside you, you must first practice a Taoist meditation which unlocks your chi:

When first practicing this meditation you need to sit down in a quiet relaxing place with no distractions. Sit in an upright position and clear your head. Hold your hand in front of you as if you were holding a ball. Think of the air floating around between your hands. After a minute or two envision the atmosphere between your palms being in a balloon. Then after a minute imagine that the balloon is now a beach ball. After another moment or two imagine it’s now a basketball. After that a Tire and even after that imagine a really higher pressure tire. When you’ve reached that point, give your hands a small push and you should feel a pressure. This is your chi. Breathe in and out slowly. When you breathe in you ought to feel a pull and when you breathe out you ought to feel a push.

After you’ve practiced this meditation to the point where you could feel you chi with the slightest effort (You will come to notice that you could only do it once or twice a day at first). Then start taking one of your hands and holding over something else. Try to feel the same pressure you felt doing it with both hands. When you get that down to a simplicity you are prepared to do the spell.

What you practice in the last paragraph is establishing a direct connection with the chi of the object you hold your hands over. It can be performed at any space by focusing on the thing with your eyes. The exact same can be accomplished by concentrating on an object with your minds eye.

To perform the spell you must clear your mind and consider the object you’re missing (only that thing). Hold out your hand and feel around for the thing, when you feel a push, your hand is facing the direction of the object you are thinking of.

–Important information–

When casting it would be sensible to be against a wall because it only works 180 degrees (meaning that the thing could be behind you instead of in front of you), it really narrows it down.
Also when you practice the spell do not practice as if you were looking for an item, because knowing where the thing is, will cause significant confusion and cause you to mess up. Practice using the meditations I taught you over… the spell will work if you need it.

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