Altered Dragon Transformation


You may be transformed by this spell into a dragon.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A large piece of raw meat A knife A dead animal (any size, must have meat on it) Paper Charcoal A needle or pin (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Altered Dragon Transformation’

To begin, you’ll have to go outdoors, as far from civilization as possible–the farthest the greater. As soon as you get to a fairly quiet area with little wing, sit down in the grass and relax. You will have to meditate for as long as it requires your mind to be entirely obvious. Youll know when youre ready once you feel like you are floating away and you are one with the noises around you.
Once you are ready to begin, you may need your paper and charcoal. Turn and hold the paper in your hands. With the charcoal, draw a pentagram as detailed as you can in the center of the paper. Fold it over horizontally. Draw a set of reptilian eyes as detailed as you can that are dull to your own. Remember to keep calm and meditative.
This is where you will need your pin or needle if you brought it. You’ll need to draw the smallest amount of blood, no larger than a fall or two. You may prick yourself anywhere, preferably on your fingertip or hand. If you didnt bring a needle or pin, check your fingers. For those who have a hangnail, catch it between your fingers and pull on it. Itll sting a little, but not terribly. That should draw a perfect amount of blood. If no blood comes out, try squeezing your finger. Let a drop of blood soil between the eyes or wipe any blood between them.
Await the blood to dry. Once it’s maroon or brown, draw a diamond around the blood stain. Take the raw meat and set it beside your own paper. With your knife, cut a small piece and eat it. Then, throw the knife aside and push the meat further from you and closer to the paper. Do the same with the dead animal. This will be your sacrifice.
Meditate more whilst chewing, concentrating on the sensation of flight–a feeling of freedom and majesty, the wind stinging your cheeks, searching–the thrill and may in killing and eating fresh meat, breathing fire–the slight burn and warmth but pride in harnessing an untamable essence, the power and strength of the roar of the monster you will soon be. Take your time chewing until it is practically pasty. As soon as you have swallowed the meat, you can quit stirring.
After youve completed this measure, theres no turning back and you will no longer have the ability to turn back human. However, in the event that you somehow find other dragons, learn their ways, and really become one of these, you may forget all about your previous life as a human. You will feel as if you were dragon forever.
This is where chanting comes in. First, you will have to cast the main part of the spell: Dragon of power, dragon of might, dragon of fear and dragon of fright, I have linked my blood to you, now let my dragon dreams come true. I’ve eaten, thought, and dreamed like you, now let my dragon dream come true. I know this one thing for a fact: that after Im done I cant come back. However, I think and I can see, so lay your magical claws on me. Just you decree, the best beast, upon my sacrifice you will feast. I have given up so much, so I only beg for your soft touch. Dragon of electricity, dragon of might, bring my fantasies to light!
You’ll need to feel like a lower species and practically bow down to the dragons. You must respect them, as you are asking for a lot from them. After the spell is cast, the transformation begins over a range of a week to a month. As I have said before, it differs for everybody. In order to maintain the spell going, you need to chant: Dragon of power, dragon of might, bring my fantasies into light! Every evening before sleep.
This is where complications may happen. As soon as you begin to see either stubs growing above your shoulder blades, big bumps growing under hair, unusual nail growth, oddly sharp teeth, rough or scaly skin, or all of the above, this is when you will have to leave the home. Pack enough food to last a month. That’s all you will need. Unfortunately, you can’t say goodbye to anybody in your family as this may cause complications which will be assessed in step 11. Stay hidden and far from civilization.

Soon, you will be fully transformed into a dragon and have the ability to hunt your own food. Gradually, you will get accustomed to your body. As said earlier, you will lose memory of your human life as you go on indefinitely as a dragon. Every persons dragon form is different. Try and find other dragons, but remain far from humans. Scientists may trap you, etc.. Humans will no longer be your friends.

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