Dragon Creation from egg


This will make. It’ll be on the world. Enjoy the spell. I won’t guarantee that you’ll find a dragon.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Crayons/Colored Pencils
Ruler(needs to have 12inches or a tape measure

Casting Instructions for ‘Dragon Creation from egg to end’

Read the following before you get started.

.Draw what your dragon will look like.
.Color your dragon according to it?s element or simply color your dragon then find out its component by its color.
.Draw you alongside your dragon. The dragon will be that much taller/ smaller than you.
.Right down your height next to you.
.Color yourself (optional)
.Make lines to the surface of your body according to your height. (example: five feet. Draw five equivalent lines.)
.Now continue to make your dragon?s height. The top of the shoulders are its height. Not the head.
.Underline the heights of you and your dragon.
.Fold paper hamburger design. So you can?t see your drawing. Fold it only once
.Now write its info . (Name, Scale color, wings, tail, Accessories, strength, behavior, abilities, element, dragon strain, eyes, what it eats, etc..)
.Fold paper hamburger style that you can?t see the words.
.Now write this and say it as you write it enabled: (it?s element) dragon of mine, come to me, by egg of (its element again). I summon the mythical monster that is newborn. So mote it be. (? So mote it be? Should be written as large as possible.)
.Now fold it hamburger style so that you can?t see the words.
.Make a pentagram on one side.
.Fold it more.
.Now every night, before you sleep, chant: God/ Goddesses, grant my fantasy dragon in the world from egg to end
.Kiss the paper once you chanted and place it under your pillow.
.As you fall asleep, dream of your dragon and you coming.

If you stop in the center, just simply read what you have. You need belief in dragons or you won’t get an egg.

type of eggs:
Water= sitting in the pool (if you have one)/blue egg
Earth=rock egg
Fire= flaming egg/ egg that is red
Air/Wind= wind and possibly invisible comes/ white egg
Snow= comes from winter coloring
Metal= metal egg
Silver= silver egg
Copper= copper egg
Nature= vibrant (I?m not sure)
There are more egg kinds but I don?t have them in your mind now. So, if you have any kind of element, please message me.

I would like to know if the spell works. I am currently using this spell. Additionally, it’s ideal to make your dragon’s major abilities to be able to phase through your dragon (if not wanted to be touched), invisibility, and telepathy. Don’t make your dragon invincible. The spell will not work if you do that. This spell is meant to be good and not bad. Keep in eye on it once you find the dragon egg. Hopefully, your egg will hatch within a week or so. I involved some things that I thought will work cause they appear to be in a great deal of places on the website. Your dragon egg should be in your backyard. Then it should appear in your area or on the balcony, if you do not have a back yard. I’ll edit this if I find out it works. Let me know if you guys get an egg. I will make an instruction. I’ll set up an instruction about how best to care for the dragon once one individual messages me. You are allowed to get one dragon. I let you know if it has more than one element exactly what you dragon is. Like mine will be a Silverwind breed. That’s Wind and Silver dragon. I’ll name your strain. If you have anymore questions, message me.

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  1. I really want to raise dragon and be friend with it it’s a childhood wish that I’ve had for many years and I’ve seen many spell but I don’t know which to try first and I haven’t done many spell till now cause the most important thing that I want is to make my childhood wish come true so if you guide me I’ll be very happy

  2. i’m currently trying this spell this is what I’ve always wanted.i always loved dragons and fantasy i’ll post another comment if it works


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