Get Absent Lover into Call/Write You


After being away, or at a distance emotionally Hoodoo spell to call upon a buff to communicate after a struggle.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Call him oil or return to me oil
3 matches
Glass cup
Spring water
Washcloth or rag (cut a hole into the middle of the cloth)
Bible turned to psalm 40
Candle(can be pink or white)
St. Expedite candle(optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Get Absent Lover into Call/Write You’

Foremost, you MUST wake up at 4 am in the morning to do this spell. You are to do this spell between the hours of four and five am. Not 5:01. It has to be on the nose. This is the symbolic hour of sunrise, and also, you are going to send out the energy to your lover that’s sleeping at this moment, at this hour he/she ought to be in deep REM sleep Have the Bible turned to Psalm 40 before you go to sleep.Pour the spring water into the glass, three drops of either oil, and cover with the fabric. (make sure the hole is in the center of the glass, over the centre).Make the sign of the cross and think of your lover. Say to yourself in your mind, In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (name of lover) I bid you come to me. Make three signs of the cross.

Strike a match and say, In the name of the Father, (name of lover) I bid you come to me. And drop it in the water(into the hole of the cloth).Concentrate on your lover. His/her name. Say in your mind, In the name of the Son, (name of buff) I bid you come to me. Then strike a match and say it aloud and drop the game into the water.Continue from the name of the Son. Next read the Psalm either kneeling or sitting. Do this every morning at four am and the 27th day will be communicated with by your lover.

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