Protective spheres


Create spheres surrounding you and protecting you from harmful effects.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Focused mind.

Casting Instructions for ‘Protective spheres’

First- you will have to use your main element or at least you’d better use it for producing the spheres. Practically you’ll be using that component as the essence of every sphere.
Concentrate some energy on your hands and be in a state where energy is flowing easily through your entire body. You have to stand if possible for greater results(it is possible to meditate before starting to cast).
Visualize energy flowing and changing to your primary element and moving through your hands, coming out from your palms, creating sphere. You may pick this world’s characteristics- length, size, form etc.. After creating this ball of energy(all through visualization, it does not need to appear real or anything in the start), you’ll have to make it your “secondary planet”, a form of satellite circling yourself at about just enough space it’s kind of far enough to not hit you at any point(the closer the better, because the protection will be more precise).
When you “throw” the sphere visualizing it’s potential trajectory, chant: “Sphere of(primary element by way of instance water, fire etc.), circle me like the Moon is circling the Earth, like the planets are circling the Sun, controlling and protecting me as possible”.
Several times each day try copying the visualization and the chant, shortly you’ll probably begin feeling and even seeing the sphere protecting you.
You may extend this spell’s power and update it on your desire, as it’s more energy control, you can feel free experimentation with it and the possible effects. It needs to be harmless to another people except when they are really fighting to harm you. It’s a manifestation from yourself, so your feelings and thoughts will influence it, so be aware about that.
You can also cast multiple spheres, but I recommend at least at the beginning to begin with one and enable it, this should be worthier.
Also this spheres will not protect you from just anything, so don’t rush in dangerous situation simply because you’ve created them, but on the other hand they’ll be reducing the majority of the potentially harmful effects, so with time this spell may turn out to be really powerful from the practitioner.

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