Akasha Protective Amulet


There are in fact two ways I wrote this one (Regular style vs. Dorm style) and it doesn’t matter which way is used. The only distinction is that the dorm style.

You will need the following items for this spell:

For Regular- 1 small candle Water (rosewater preferred) A necklace White towel For Dorm Style- Wax Warmer 3 small wax cubes Water (again, rosewater) A necklace White towel

Casting Directions for ‘Akasha Protective Amulet’

(IF you don’t have a warmer or candle, use an unshaded lamp. The point is the light)

Arrange the Light source and water so the water is closer north. Take the necklace and pass it over the light. During this time, recite something close to your (or another man’s) heart. Like a poem or song lyrics. When the necklace is hot to the touch and the song is done, swing the necklace into the water.

Let it sit a second or two, pull it out, and then you’ve got two options. Either drink the water, or bottle it up and toss it northward. If you are using rosewater, drink (or have another person drink) Other wise, it’s whatever makes you feel better.

Dry the amulet with the towel, then put it on. (or keep it wrapped it the towel until it is possible to give it to the other) If you are using a candle, say blessed be as you blow it out.

(Remember, meditation and other purifying functions are better fit for everyday spirit breakers (such as break-ups) This is better suited to keeping your soul safe from other spirits and things tied to the supernatural. An Akasha Amulet is made to be used as magic protection, so it’s limitations as to mortal struggles

If you came here to fix your spirit due to depression, please seek help. You can talk to me, message me. )

I wish you all the best,

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