A Fire Protection Spell


Protection through fire magick.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Wood Matches Water

Casting Directions for ‘A Fire Protection Spell’

In a clear place at least 20 feet in diameter, gather together plenty of wood, matches, and a quantity of water. Taking one of the sticks of wood up, draw a rough circle about 11 feet. Determine the instructions(use a compass. The sun, moon, stars) and put a little fire at each point just within the cricle: north, south, east, west.

Lay the fires, but do not light them. Next to each, put enough gas to keep them burning at least half an hour.

Walking up to the south light the fire, shouting these words as you do:

Nothing in the south can harm me!

Proceed to the west.
Light the flame and say:

I can not be harmed by anything from the west!

Then to the north and repeat, and finally the east.

Snatch up a burning stick in the southern fire and push it in the sky above you(be careful of burning sparks and ashes) and say:

Nothing from above can hurt me!

The flaming wood throws and say:

Nothing from below can hurt me!

Replace the stick from the southern fire and sit at the center of the circle, watching the flames burn. As necessary, add more fuel. Know that the fires are literally burning all that comes to hurt you, on every level.

Firmly implant in your head the sight of the flames burning around you, the feel of their heat(which may become extreme), their light, and their protective qualities.

When the fires start to die and you feel the power ebbing, bury the fires with sand or earth, douse with water, and obliterate the circle you’ve drawn on the floor.

Leave the area but keep the fiery circle of protection within your memory, so that it may be recalled at any time you feel the need for protection: physical, spiritual, or psychological.

If you’re prevented from doing this ritual outdoors, substitue four big red candles for the fires. Proceed with the spell above, lighting the candles as opposed to fires, until all four are lit and you have said the words.

Then, rather than taking a burning stick, pick up the southern candle and hold it carefully over your head. Say the words, then set the candle on the floor, saying those words. After the ritual is completed, pinch out the candles, beginning with the west (never blow them out).

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