Amulet of Good Luck


A nice little amulet. Specially formulated for ease of school. Great for the first day of school.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An acorn
St. John’s Wort essential oil
A sprig of Basil
1 cm chunk of Bamboo
Extended string or cord (Only for necklace.)
Ginger essential oil
1 iris flower
Lavender water
Lilac flowers
Black peppercorns
A sprig of strawberry leaves
Some Yew needles
Wand (Or blessed stirring stick)
Mortar and Pestle

Casting Instructions for ‘Amulet of Great Luck’

First, place the sprig of basil, iris flower, lilac flowers in the mortar. Grind them to a very fine powder. Then, put in a small bowl for later. Next, place nettle, oregano and black pepper corns from the mortar. Grind them to a very fine powder. Place in the same bowl. Place and grind the strawberry leaves and yew needles.

Place in the same bowl and stir the dry mixture well. Now you gradually drop the vital oils in as needed. Stir the mixture well. Now add enough lavender water to make a tea-like fluid. Stir until all of the powders have dissolved in the lavender water. Recite this incantation while stirring: Gods and goddesses of defense, great luck, and wisdom, I ask you to not let negativity befall me. Let lies and jealousy not tamper with my heart and head. Let no evil pain my heart. Allow me to be happy and joyous while wearing this amulet. May I have great luck, a clear head, and a light heart. So mote it be (Recite before the mixture fully dissolved.) Then dip the acorn into the potion and let it sit in the light of the entire moon and sun for three days. For Necklace: You want to drill or carve a hole through the top half of the acorn. Get your thin string or cord and string it through your prepared acorn and even it out at the top. Now you want to drill or split a hole though the middle of your bamboo chunk. Afterward, you may string both ends though the bamboo and pull it around the acorn. Tie the ends together (Hopefully into a huge knot.) .

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