Breaking a Geis


A Geis is is an individual taboo, whether of obligation or prohibition, similar to being under a vow or spell. Not many people, let alone druids, can throw a Geis – though, when dealing with Druids and Fae it is best to be prepared.

You may need the following items for this spell:

The original caster’s title
A symbol for what the Geis means
A small flame (Caution, dont set yourself on nice)

Casting Instructions for ‘Breaking a Geis’

It is important to get the ingredients at hand, and to learn this spell before trying it. Geis magic is not. First, the flame should be ready in a safe location. Secondly, You should present the emblem of your Geis. Thirdly, you should chant the words. Its best to do it near a tree or animal, even though it is not needed. Druantia, Of the druid, of the woods, a humble soul wants to ask of you. If your call is answered, there should be a mild sign – the best one could hope for is the end to pick up or the fire to flicker/die. Is the flame dies, re light it. Lugh, of the skilled, of the greats, a humble soul begs to ask of you. There should be a second show of these listening, if there is continue. In shadow of Myrrdin, Beyond treason of Fianna, I beg all to listen. This last time there shouldn’t be a response, if there’s then you were rejected. If not, you should continue. By fault I have come of a Geis, By darkness I ask of it removed, By treason I request that (the title of who casted it on you) forgives me and all others that I wronged. You should lift what ever the symbol for your Geis is up over the flame. Here is my fault, here is what binds me. You should then show proof of change, or say it out loud. By this, I humbly beg – as a servant – for liberty of this curse. Toss the item into the flame, or put it above it. Normally, if you got this far, that means the Geis has been busted. However, there is a chance a second Geis might be placed on you. This charm is only to be used when needed, if the Geis on you’re not terrible then you should think about a different solution.

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