Breaking the Hold A Person has Over You


This spell owes a lot to visualisation and the use of colour and in many ways is a learning experience in trusting your own abilities. It can be utilised in emotional situations, where you feel someone is taking advantage of you, or when you are bound to someone by possibly a false sense of duty. This technique can be completed in more than one sitting, particularly if you do not need any modifications to be too dramatic.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A cleansing incense

Casting Directions for ‘Breaking the Hold A person has Over You’

Your picture must be one which you feel you can relate to fully. Perhaps the easiest to see is in the kind of a rope linking the two of you together. If you’re good at seeing colour then the best to use is something very similar to iridescent mother of pearl, because that contains all colors. You might see the picture as a rigid bar, which would suggest that there is an inflexibility in the connection between you which may require you to deal with the expectations of others.

The incense is used to create an environment which is free from other influences; this is between you and your perception of the connection you’ve got with another person. Light your incense and sit quietly, considering attentively the connection between you.

Become conscious of the flow of energy between you and gently withdraw your own energy, seeing it returning to you and used for your own purposes rather than the other persons. (This may be enough to bring about a change in your relationship that has a satisfactory outcome for you.)

Next think carefully about how the other person makes calls on your time and energy – whether these are physical, psychological or spiritual. Resolve that you will either not allow this to happen or will be more careful and sparing in your answers. You might develop whenever you feel you’re being sucked in, a logo for yourself that you can use. Preferably use one that amuses you, since laughter is a potent tool. You could use the picture of a knot being tied, a cork or a stopcock.

Should you decide that you no longer wish to be associated with the person, use a technique that signifies breaking the link. It will be based upon your own personality and that of another person about how you do this. Visualizing the connection simply being cut may bring about a stronger ending with tears and recriminations, whereas a gentle teasing out of the link might be slower but less painful.

It is here that you must trust your own judgement with the idea that it must be performed for the Greater Good. If so you are feeling that at least some links have to be left in place you can do this, for example if you would wish to know when another person is in trouble.

Finally see yourself walking away from the person, free of any bonds between you. Always make certain you leave them with a blessing for their continuing health, wealth and happiness.

Today you will only become involved with them in your own wish. You can see from the above that at all points you’ve got a choice for your plan of action. This is because every stage must be considered very carefully, and not done in anger. You must remain as dispassionate as possible and always stay true to your principles.

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