Protection Ring


This spell displays how to make a ring, that while wearing, will give you protection.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1ilver ring You Would like to wear
Dragon blood incense
1 purple candle
Purple fabric
1 purple ribbon
Red sandalwood (sanderswood)
Shell with water in it

Casting Directions for ‘Protection Ring’

Perform this ritual on the first day of the three days of the full moon in the hour of Jupiter. In your magical space, place the dragon blood incense (burning) in the east, the candle (lit) in the south, the salt and shell in the west and the cloth with the sandalwood inside at the north with the ribbon close by.

Take the silver ring and face the east with the incense before you. Pass the ring through the smoke three times and say: On the realms of Findias, I send my plea I request the power of magic from thee Protection from injury, your power to give I ask for this now, so that I may live free from injury

Take the ring and face the south with the purple candle in front of you. Pass the ring throughout the heat of the fire three times and say:

To the realms of Gorias, I send my plea I request the power of protection from thee Security from all who would raise a hand Against them all I beg that the capability to stand free from harm Take the ring and face the west with the shell and salt before you. Take three pinches of salt and place it in the water and using the ring, stir the water three times while saying: On the realms of Murias, I send my plea I ask for the power of defense from thee Protection and security all stored in this ring Please come from the lands, protection you bring Keep me safe

Take the ring and face the north with the purple cloth and sandalwood before you. Stir the sandalwood with the ring three times and say:

To the realms of Falias, I send my plea I ask for the magic of dragons out of thee Dragons who coil and jump to and fro Protecting me from damage, wherever I go Keeping me safe Today wrap up the ring in the cloth and tie it closed with the ribbon and put it on your alter for three days. Once the three days is up, burn the sanderswood and cloth with the ribbon. You can wear your ring of protection whenever you feel the need for protection.

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