Protector Candle


With this spell you can bless a candle so that it absorbs and backfires all dark spells that aim you and/or your household.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 White Candle
4 Teaspoons Sugar
13 Clovers
Some Oil
Some Cotton
A lighter
A Circle
Tarot Card : The Devil

Casting Instructions for ‘Protector Candle’

As soon as you have accumulated every ingredient, enter the circle together and dont get out of it till you finish the spell. Mix the sugar with the oil. Hold the cloves and say this three times:

Mother character I call for your power, Banish the hatred into fire And from its dust, let mild predominate, And from the cloves that I hold, Let divine protection come together! Now, combine the clovers with the other mixture you made before, and put the candle in front of you. Dont light it yet. Now say: Strong spirits of light,I got you a control, In this candle your lighting will forever stand! The curses and hexes and misfortunes may come, but with your divine light you shall destroy all of it. Now spirits, do as you are told! Now envision yourself in a dark room with the candle occupying the shadow and forcing it from it as knifes enabled with mild(think knifes with a luminous aura surrounding them)and Conquer the evil that lurks in darkness(that evil can be demons,evil spirits,shadows,and anything else that seems eerie and dark for you). Now take the cotton, dip it in the mix,suffuse the candle with it, and say: Everything that comes to me will be great and processed, within this candle light come send your ray. So mote it be. Light the candle. Now this step is optional, but if you have the tarot card the devil,at this point you take it, tear it in half then burn them both with all the flame of the candle.While you are burning it say: Evil be gone, I dont need you with me more. With this candles fire youre here, To the astral plane permanently youre gone. After you finish, put the card’s ashes beneath the candle. Now say this: Sacred flame of the candle, embrace the light of the world. Destroy the shadow, and never let go. Now envision the candles light pouring into you and burn the cotton saying:

Dark get out of my sight Fade forever into light. So mote it be. If you used the devil card, then allow the candle move out.If you could, stay and empower it with spells until it goes out. By using that card,there are chances that the protection will be permanent. Empowering it as long as it is lit multiplies the possibilities.

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