Protection Stone


Place a spell on a rock to protect the person holding it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Water Lit Candle or Ash Salt or Coal Incense or Feather 1 thing you wish to place the spell on, the object ought to be sturdy and unflammable.

Casting Directions for ‘Protection Stone’

1. I strongly emphasize casting a circle.
2. Chant, “Water” and dip the object into the water. Visualize the energy of the water being consumed by the object and then enclosing it.
3. Chant, “Fire” and wave through the flame(do not burn yourself) or roll in ashes. Visualize the energy of fire. Then visualize the energy of fire surrounding the rock but this time the energies of water and fire are separated equally from the surrounding area of the stone.
4. Chant, “Earth” and roll in salt or rub with the coal. Visualize the energy of ground being absorbed by the object. Now visualize the energy surrounding it but the energy should have 3 equal portions this time, one for fire, one for water, and one for earth.
5. Chant, “Air” and tide through incense smoke or brush with a feather. Visualize the energy of air being absorbed by the object. Now there should be four equal parts surrounding the item, one per element.
6. Now visualize the four energies blending into a beautiful white energy, while chanting, “protect those who bare this stone so long as their intentions remain fair”.

1. Just because you’ve got this stone does not mean that you shouldn’t use a protection spell before a magickal working.
2. This spell is designed to safeguard others more than it is to protect yourself.
3. I can’t stress this part enough, please cast a circle before doing so.

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