Protection Spell Powerful


powerful protection spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black Candle Sea Salt

Casting Instructions for ‘Protection Spell Powerful’

This is mainly for your house, to keep out unwanted impacts and individuals. Believe me when I say “people”. If you put enough energy and intent behind this spell, people who annoy you or come over to be negative will end up being at your front door and your house, an uncomfortable experience indeed.

Use a black candle for this, and some sea salt. First of all, if you do this is, sprinkle of fine line of salt on every window sill and door frame of your home…from the outside. If that is a bit too hard, you can do it indoors, just don’t forget why the salt is there and sweep it up by accident. Salt purifies, which is good for repelling negative forces.

While sprinkling, say something like:

This home is protected by sacred Salt,
Keep it safe from thug and louse’
Protect all those who dwell inside,
Negative forces don’t have any place to hide.

Yeah I know it seems a little hokey, and for people who aren’t sure of what a “louse” is, imagine that pain in the buttocks neighbour who keeps annoying you.

When you are finished sprinkling, come back inside, light the black candle and sprinkle a circle of salt around it and say something like:

Sacred Flame, sacred Candle
Protect this household on your name.

Keep chanting this again until you feel as if you’ve made a “connection”. When you are finished, snuff out the candle and say:

This is my will, so mote it be!

It is very important to mention here that one should never blow out a candle. Either use a snuffer, moist palms, or allow it go burn. Blowing out a candle scatters the Air and Fire energies that you’ve worked so hard to concentrate together. It sort of immediately undoes all of the work you have just done.

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