Protect your pet ritual


This is to protect your pets from bad diseases, predators, death, etc..

You will need the following items for this spell:

Their collar (required, if they don’t have one then their favorite toys) 3 white candles (or crimson, pink and red) Cinnamon (it helps love protection) A cup (to settle the fire) Darkness/night (midnights best) A safe, calm place to throw

Casting Instructions for ‘Protect your pet ritual’

Before preforming read once. If your pet doesnt have a collar, use their favorite toy.
Clip the collar together (if it unclips) and place the 3 candles inside in a triangular form. Light the candles. If they dont have a collar, but the toy in the center of the candles and sprinkle cinnamon beneath or on top.
Put a bit of cinnamon in a small heap between the candles and color.
Turn off the lights if they are on. Ensure its really quiet, and calm. You must concentrate very hard.
Place your palms above it, imagine your energy coursing out of your hands over the color, as well as the candles. Transfer your hands.
Without messing up, say;
Oh gods and goddesses.
Hear my plea. My pet _____ (their name) is really dear to me.
Anything to hurt them, and Ill disappear in sorrow.
Oh gods and goddesses, my beloved ____ is your best friend of my life.
Under the moon, over the earth,
Let this be for my single desire. Shall it be.
DONTBLOW OUT THE CANDLES! This releases the magical in certain spells. So cover your candles with a cup to cut off the oxygen and produce the fire die.
Then leave the color for an hour with the dead candles and cinnamon. Dont let anything disturb them.
Then after an hour, set the collar over your pet. If they dont have a collar, give them their favourite toy, and be certain to shake off the cinnamon. Bury the cinnamon outside.
Im not 100% sure this spell will work, but it likely will. Email me if it does.

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