Satanic Ritual Before Sleep


A daily ritual you can do that only takes 1 minute. You may have dreams or nightmares about Satan

You will need the following items for this spell:

Red Pen ( that you can draw your skin with) Black Pen ( you can draw your skin with) Satanic Pentagram (drawn on A3 paper with a black pencil) 1 lamp Paper

Casting Directions for ‘Satanic Ritual Before Sleep’

Get a piece of A3 paper or A4 stuck together paper, and draw a huge Satanic Pentagram (Inverted Pentagram) Then place the paper with the pentagram on the ground. Turn the lights off

Have one light, lamp or whatever could shine a little (only tiny) but of light. Doesent need to be next to you, but you want to be avle to see it. Grab the red pen keep in hand

Kneel inside the pentagram paper with head bowing down, so your head is to the floor and you are kneeling inside the pentagram. With the red pen draw 3 lines in your wrists, 3 on each wrist, still bowing in the pentagram

Then close your eyes whilst still bowing in the pentagram, and create a fake memory of you getting a sharp knife and cutting your wrists don’t actually cut your wrists close your eyes and imagine you cutting your wirsts.

Open your eyes, and imagine every one of the red lines as actual blood, look as it as blood not a red line look at it as blood, make it as real as possible, it is blood.

Then while bowing your head say: Satan my farther devil my brother dropped angel my sister. At the end of this day, Lord Satan I thank you for each gift you’ve bestowed upon me. For teaching me ancient manners. For experiences both good and bad that has made me stronger. For the people you have taught me through. For the pleasures in which I have partaken. As I sleep, I ask that I may enter your shadowy realm. So that I may be in your unholy presence. Guide me, Satan, unto yourself. And may I be forever grasped in your mighty wings. Ave Satanas

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