Power Witch


This charm will turn you into a witch at dawn the morning after you do the spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A necklace

Casting Instructions for ‘Power Witch’

Go inside or outside, whichever one you believe will work best (I think outside).Say the spell 3 times, say it clearly and calmly not too fast.

Dear witches from winds and forests, please hear my calls. I was a witch, witch beautiful as an angel, agile as a tiger and wild as fire. Please let me become this! A witch gifted with the power to grant as many fantasies I will to anybody I plea. Witch gifted with the power to manipulate and conjure (part of choice) and (element of choice). Witch gifted with the power of flight, to fly whenever I wish, as long as I can as far as I plea. Please let this me, a being gifted with all kinds of magical I will be! Whenever sun rises, so will my magic rise, as soon as the next day is born, so will I be reborn. Reborn and awakened as a witch. This is what I want to be, I wish to become a witch.

Put the necklace on after youve stated the spell 3 times and close your eyes. Imagine you flying into a dress of your favorite colour. Envision it waving in the wind as you fly across the night sky in the presence of the full moon.

If you did the spell out then go back inside, go to your bedroom take the necklace off but dont let go of it or put it down. Hold it in your hand while you sleep as you dont want to risk choking yourself with it round your neck so hold the necklace closely as you drift off to sleep.

Be certain you consider dreaming that dream as much as you can as you slowly fall asleep. You may or may not have a dream of being a witch and with both selected elements, wearing your favourite coloured dress flying in the presence of the entire moon.

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