Lose Weight Faster


You still need to exercise, but you will just drop weight faster.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Orange Candle (for sudden changes and goals)
Any Fattening Food (preferably something that you like to eat and not allergic to)
A Strong and Confident Voice
1 Violet Candle (for strength)

Casting Instructions for ‘Lose Weight Faster’

Place the fattening food in front of the candle, and you in the front of the fattening food. So its you, fattening food, and then the candle. If you have a purple candle, put it next to the orange candle. Light the candle(s) and concentrate on the food. After a moment or so, hold your stomach (this will represent the fat within you, if you have some fat). Hold your stomach lightly and just relax for a second. Slowly tighten your grip until you feel pain in which your holding your stomach, then release. Look into the ORANGE candle now. Say the following chant:

This weight I hold, Inside my stomach, Burn it away within my time. Burn it fast, As I proceed, And let me be skinnier When I select.

**For those who have a violet candle, please read beforehand. If not, please skip the part within the triple parenthesis. ** Look at the VIOLET candle today. Say the chant:

My mind be strong, My body be feeble. This isn’t what I choose to be. My mind is to be more powerful, My body is to be stronger, Being as powerful as Id like to be. Muscles grow, Stomach flatten. Strongers better, Weakers worse. Let me be as strong as Id love to be.

Now look at the food once again. And please, for those who have a temptation to eat it, youll get to eat it, but just wait till the end. Make sure the food is separate from its bag or can if there is one. For instance, if you love chips, use only 1 chip, and nothing else. Or if you love marsh mellows, use just one marsh mellow, and nothing else. Concentrate on the 1 food. Think of how incredibly fattening it’s, and how fat you might get if you keep eating how you’re doing. Please hold any temptations… Say the following chant:

The disgusting fat I engulf in constantly. The fat in this food Will cause the opposite. No longer is it disgusting and fat, But now it will burn off and weaken. The more I exercise, The skinnier Ill get. This fat will no longer be such a weight.

Eat the food (and chew the food, please…). Wait an hour or more prior to exercising. Remember that exercising longer each day doesnt do much else; just exercise about 30 minutes to an hour every day. Do this for a week or so (exercising, that’s; not the spell), and you need to get incredible results. Otherwise, wait a week before trying again, just to be on the safe side. Remember that you dont just get skinnier overnight. It takes a while, so be patient. Side effects may include: Getting fatter, an urge to eat more, or to consume less, nothing happening, an impulse to try different foods, fattening foods tasting disgusting, a lack in strength, laziness, activeness, or anything else related to the following side effects. Please be careful when casting such spells!

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