Weight Loss Spell


This makes you lose weight this is not my spell. Sorry I havent posted spells in a while again!!
Sorry about that!!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Waning Moon
Athame (or another sharp thing)
Black Candle
New moon

Casting Directions for ‘Weight Loss Spell’

Timimg: Waning Moon (start just after Full Moon)

Preparation: With the athame (or another sharp item that you have ritually blessed) mark a black candle to 14 equal parts (13 rings). Mark each section with number fives (5).

On the night after the Full Moon, burn the candle down to the first mark when meditating, and chanting the following:
“As this candle burns, so my fat burns.
As this candle decreases, so my weight decreases.
I have complete control over my weight.
My body is truly perfect in every way.
I now weigh a perfect __(insert desired goal)___ lbs.
Every day I’m slimmer and healthier.
I am as perfect as the Goddess within me.
Thank you, Goddess, for your help.
This is my will, so mote it be.”
Do this nightly, burning the candle down to the next mark, until the night of the New Moon, once the candle ought to be permitted to burn out. Additionally it is useful to picture your body’s fat cells burning and to feel your metabolism and energy. Your body may feel warm and tingly. As the candle goes down, so your weight goes down. You may lose 5-10 pounds over the 2 weeks. This charm can be done every month, or as needed.

Points to Remember:
This is the affirmation that I wrote for myself, you’re free to change it in any way to suit yourself. Rhyming works nicely, but I wrote this before I had been very good at rhyming everything, and I have continued to use it in the original form simply because I like it that way. Always bear in mind that you must see yourself as having already accomplished your goal in the present moment. Also remember that you will need to keep wording things as positive, your subconcious mind really hates to “lose” anything. The word “Goddess” can be substituted for whatever God or Goddess you’re working with on this, but I’d definitely ask for Divine help.

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