Herb Healing Spell


This is my own healing spell, Healing with the power of nature.

You may need the following items for this spell:

1 blue candle (blue-lavender)
1 pentagram
6 flowers of your herb
1 calming essence
And a energy

Casting Directions for ‘Herb Healing Spell’

Place your candle at the center of pentagram to and now charge it:

“Charge though candle fast,
For succeeding in the spells I will cast.
And can this oil increase its power,
As the fire burn by the hour.
Let it be done,
That it harm none.”

Now place your herbflowers infront of candle and chant:

“Oh,Magical herb of root and flower,
Give this candle healing power.”

Now imagine the herb’s power as a pink light flowing into the candle, and making the candle more powerful.

Now think of the person you are healing and chant:

“Oh healing candle of power,
Rise your flame like a blossom.
Hear my voice soul of earth hear the noise,
Heal the name I spoke out loud.
Heal them of illness,
Make them replace weakness.”

“Oh soul of passion,power of this light,
Bring forth all your might.
Heal the soul heal the spirit,
As you shine by the moment.”

“Oh soul of wind power of air,
Make this strong make this fair.
Help me cast the spell at hand,
Help me heal upon the land.”

“Oh, soul of water, power of rain,
Help the end that it shall remove pain.
Wash thou clean,
Wipe thou clean.”

(Visualise: the sickness is like a black spot on that person attempt to visualise the place pitch black now imagine a white light over the circle. The light is sucking the darkness and the hole is getting smaller . The man or woman is feeling better. Now the white light is almost done but there is still one tiny spot , imagine taking it all and burning it )

Call out

“Now cure thy _____ , heal him nicely.”
(Call name out 3 times)

Now seal:

“Now I close the seal
From now health he/she shall feel
By the power of three
So mote it be!”

Let Candles burn while medetating on that individual healing.

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