Rose Quartz Healing


This helps us to heal our anxiety, anger and self doubt. It helps us open ourselves to love and helps us learn to express love.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Pink Candle
Piece(s) of paper
1 Pen
1 Rose Quartz (is a pendant)

Casting Directions for ‘Rose Quartz Healing’

Start by finding a quiet, undisturbed area.
Get a pencil and some paper and relax. Light the candle and be sure the pendant is near it. Focus on the fire and breath . Push your worries. Pick up the ring and hold it in your hands. Know what it is and what power it has. Carefully pass the rose quartz over the fire (do not touch it to the fire) three times. With every pass imagine the crystal getting ‘clean’ of all energies that aren’t supposed to be there.

Take the pendant that is cleansed and hold it in your hands. The rock should now feel stronger. Allow you to fill . Now it is time to wash yourself.

Take your paper and pen and write down what you are feeling. Write about your pain, distress, self-doubt, and fear. Get it all out. Write down each word of how you feel. Cry, scream, shout, pound your fists – cleanse your soul. This is the healing process begins.

Only when you face the fact of your life can you start on a positive note. When you are through, hold the ring and let its energies overwhelm you. Feel its potency making you stronger.

Take your paper(s) to the sink with the lit candle (use caution) and burn it. Know that this is a new beginning. The old you is now ashes to be taken away with the water. When you’re through, place the crystal in a safe location. Let it serve as a reminder whenever you need a little support.

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