Simple Good Luck Spell


An easy good luck spell to bring to happiness and fortune in life.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 green candle
1 white candle
1 orange or yellow candle
Your voice

Casting Directions for ‘Simple Good Luck Spell’

If you want to control your protective necklace (or object), you can use this spell.
But if you want to just cast a spell upon you, this is the right one!

Make sure you’re relaxed and at a calm state when you’re doing this spell. No troubling thoughts or negative energy (as the energy can interrupt and disturb when you’re doing this ritual) so make sure you feel well and awake.

Set the green candle in the center in front of you and the white candle on the side which reflects which hand you write with (as an instance, if you use your right hand while writing, place the candle on your right side and on your left side if you are left handed). Then place the orange or yellow candle on your side.

The ritual begins.

With a calm mind and an relaxed body, place your hands over the left and right candle. Now imagine that you’re picking up the energy out of the candles and putting them at the green candle in front of you. This will control the green candle with luck and energy.

When you are done with choosing and placing energy, you will now chant the following:

“Green is the power, make luck blossom like a flower, What I wish, I want to view, as I say, so mote it be.”

Clean up the area where you casted the spell and to get a stronger effect, you can cast a power spell or a blessing one.

I will write down some chant spells down below:

Power spell:

“By the power of three times three, I throw a protection upon me, by the power of three, I invoke thee to protect me.”

Blessing spell:

“I now wish to bless this place, anyone who dares to disturb, will let it be, by my power and by my view, so mote it be.”
Email me if you have questions and so on!

Very good luck!

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