Potion Of Power


This spell provides the caster a boost of power. This spell is often used for anybody with abilities (telekinesis, premonition, etc) and can enhance different spells as well.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A Jar (Or Cup) A lid (or Plastic wrap or tin foil and a rubber band or pony tail) Flower pedals (red or pink) Lime or Lemon Hoeny Drop your blood Quiet place alone in A dark place to keep the jar

Casting Directions for ‘Potion Of Power’

This spell if frequently used for those with special abilities, such as premonition (seeing the future), Retrocognition, Telekinesis, Sonokinesis, and more, however, this spell can also be used to improve other spells.
This potion can last a long time (often, as long as a month)

1. First, set the jar or cup before you. Add the following in the correct order;
-Red or pink pedals (This should be fairly moderate sized pedals)
-Squeeze all the juice out of the lemon or lime. Do not drop the lime or lemon in the jar/cup.
-Add a drop of honey
-Add a drop of your blood

Note: Utilization of lime or lemon is optional, but recommended.
I do not encourage cutting. You may use a needle to quickly receive a DROP of blood. Please do not slit your wrist or anything. No more than a drop of blood.

2. Now, you will chant the next 3-10 times (ten, recommended) with your mouth into the jar/cup. Don’t swallow, for flower pedals can be hazardous. Best to research on which type of flower you have.
You don’t need to put your mouth into the jar, this just enables you to breathe in the jar for more energy.

“I call upon thee,
To enchant myself with electricity,
with the element of earth,
From the highest peak of mountains,
To the waves of angry waters,
I need the power,
so mote it be.”

3. Now, place lid. In case you’ve got no lid, use plastic wrap or tin foil to cover the top, and seal by placing a rubber band or pony tail over it.

Place jar in a dark location. (cabinet, cupboard, etc.) Keep in a small place. The smaller, the better.

Cautions and side effects:
You may instantly feel results. Do not rinse out until after a week, month, until you feel like it or until you have any negative side effects.

If potion begins to grow mold (which, often, it does not.) then rinse the jar immediately, for this will cause bad luck.
If you begin to have any bad luck, check the jar and rinse it.

Sometimes, as a result of flower and lime/lemon, the potion will start to have a smell (which others wont be able to smell unless they open the lid) often, people associate this smell to smell like “poison” or a solid sense of perfume. The caster may smell this even without being near the jar, and even if others do not smell it.

Very good luck. :-RRB- This spell has worked for most people. For best results, do an ‘Enhancer Spell’ or “Spell to make a spell’ before doing so. If you will need the enhancer spell, would like to send outcomes, have questions or just want to talk, PM me. :-RRB-

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