Popular Vampire Spell


To transform oneself into a vampire.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your voice belief in it moonlight (preferably full moon)

Casting Directions for ‘Popular Vampire Spell’

You must say the next spell in the moon light twelve times.
I contacted the first maker of the spell and on the contrary to popular belief, you have to say it 12 times in the moonlight.
If said in the dark, it is going to work, but sunlight will be painful.
If said in the sunlight, the sunlight makes you feel like your on fire!
Blood red
pale skin
Moonlight draw on me in
quench my thirst
coursing veins
let my body feel no pain

This part is replicated but…
– Superspeed – running much quicker than humans do(more you run, better you will develop this skill)
– Superstrenght – unnatural strenght(more you use it, better it develops)
– Supersenses – better smelling, hearing and feeling vibrations, understanding which odor begins to each person (they grow as you age).
– Specific power – you will get specific power. There may be two or more powers possessed by vampires. Depending on you, you might get more than just one specific power. Forget about Twilight vampires, reading minds and future sight aren’t just things possesed by vampires. Specific powers may be controlling minds, controlling blood and liquids or forming into particular animal. Specific power reflects something you love and wish. (Example: love for animals – power of morhping to animals, love for plants – plant control, love for sparkling and bright things – light and fire control, etc.)
– Pale skin – your skin will become pale, but not very pale!
– Fangs – they will get sharper, but not longer.
– Hair – color might become darker or brighter (example: blacking brownish – it will get more browner or blacker, dirty blonde will be lighter and blonde). Hair growth will be faster.
– Eyes – their colour might drastically change or colour will simply become brighter. You may get heterochromia if a single eye color varies drastically while other changes jut a bit.
– Skin Care – besides being pale, it will get smoother and little colder.
– Claws – forget it. No claws.
– Sleeping – as you age, less sleep you will need. You’ll need few hours of sleep less than you usually need. You might need just 3 hours of sleep. You will feel fatigue mostly at noon and afternoon.
– Beauty – you will become more beautiful, a beauty specific for vampires.
– Crosses, holy water, silver or onion doesn’t hurt you! That’s stupidness made by movie makers who wanted to create vampires more interesting and dark creatures.
– You can go to church
– You can combine this spell with others. After you did this spell, you can do werewolf spell and be mix of vampire and werewolf, or blend of vampire and fairy, vampire and neko etc..
– Things that hurt people can harm vampires also, in same way. As you age, you’ll develop better regenerating powers.
– Fatigue
– Sensitive to sun
– Smelling a specific smell. It’s a smell I can hardly explain, it’s like when you go to other’s house and their home have this particular smell. Or I can describe it as smelling rose, rust and tasting blood. When near others, this smell will become stonger.
– Headache. You will feel as you hold whale in your head.
– Stomache. You may feel burning feel on your stomache.
– Throat burning – feels as your throat burns and requires something to cool it off.
– Sharper fangs.
– Changes on your body.

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