Vampire spell


Turns you into a vampire in a week. FOLLOW EXACTLY! OR IT WON’T WORK.

You will need the following items for this spell:

YOur blood some elses blood 5 black candles 5 red candles 5 white candles night time

Casting Instructions for ‘Vampire spell’

At midninght, Gather the bloodstream and make a circle out of the candles. black at top, red ont one side and whit on the other. Place the other persons blood at the center. And your blood. Light the caandles and concentrate on why you want tobe a vampire, and what you feel like and look like. Take advantage of your blood to dowse the white candle and say,
Innocense of the human soul, begin the transformation I give myself. Transform into one with the blood in veins, I will not be human, but a vampire.
Then dose the black candles in your blood while saying,
Vampires, i wish toi become one of you. Ancestors please gelp me via tthis perriless fight. Gain their trust, let me be free and become the vampire I was ment to be!
The stare at the red cansles, whil considering being a vampire.
Drink the other men blood, and state,
Thank you, so mote it be!
Then stay awake till dawn. You have to sleep or try to untill it’s dusk agian, then you must drink more blood. it can be anyones.

-blurry vision
-blood lust
-instantaneous and bad sun burns (From the sun)
-sleeping durnig the day
-super strngth
-super speed

Ster all or most of these occur, you should become a vampire.
Be careful, the sun will hurt, Ravaine will burn, and you’ll burn for blood. However, you see see 20x better than humans, you will be faster, stronger, and almost industrucible.

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